Hearthstone Mercenaries

In the Mercenaries game mode, you create a party of up to 6 Mercenaries instead of a deck of cards. It contains a mix of both RPG and Roguelike elements where you form your team, train and equip it to engage in turn-based strategic play either in PvE adventures or versus other players’ mercenary gangs in PvP.

Trump’s Mercenaries Lineup

As of October 17, Trump is in the top 50 of the leaderboard running the following Nature comp in PvP:

Bru’kan: Crackling Brand 4
Guff: Bramblethorn Totem 4
Malfurion: Liferoot Staff 4
Cairne: Reincarnation 3
Diablo: Black Soulstone 3
Anacondra: Toxic Venom 3