Basic Hearthstone Decks

For those just starting out in Hearthstone, Trump has published an educational video series on the basic strategies fundamental to playing Hearthstone well. In this series, he uses each of the 9 different classes to illustrate a specific concept. To do so, he’s built a deck for each class using only basic cards that beginners–who may not have access to many cards–can use as a starting point.

While they are a good place to start, there are obvious improvements that can be made once you start getting a few more cards.

A few notable cards to consider adding into these decks include:

  • Commons:
    • Harvest Golem
    • Loot Hoarder
    • Scarlet Crusader
    • Dark Iron Dwarf
    • Mad Bomber
    • Strangethorn Tiger
    • Piloted Shredder
  • Rares:
    • Knife Juggler
    • Azure Drake
    • Argent Commander

Trump’s Teachings – Introduction

Mage (Board Control)

Druid (Mana Efficiency)

Warlock (Fearless Tapping)

Rogue (Fearless Hitting)

Shaman (Favorable Trading)

Priest (Card Advantage)
Note: Any beginners building a priest deck should also check out Trump’s Free to Play Priest

Hunter (When to Face)

Warrior (Weapons Hold)

Paladin (The Long Game)