Free to Play – July 2016

This page will chronicle Trump’s Free to Play run of July 2016. This is a special month because Whispers of the Old Gods came out April 26, 2016 so it’s been out a bit more than two months. As part of its release, players can earn 13 free packs relatively easily, provided you can complete specific quests by July 6:

  • You earn 3 free packs just for logging in.
  • You also earn 5 more packs for completing a “win 2 games in Standard mode” quest
  • Earn another 5 packs for completing a “win 7 games in Standard mode” quest.

Trump plans to take advantage of these quests to give a quick boost to his free to play account.

As in his last F2P run, Trump hasn’t decided which class he will use for the run. But given that he will get C’Thun for free, Druid seems a likely choice. His eventual choice will be guided by the cards that he opens in packs.

Trump is making this run on the Asian server.

Basic Druid

Trump’s first attempt at a Druid deck using only Basic cards. Its idea is to primarily use cards that generate tokens and token synergy cards.
Basic Druid

F2P Druid 1.1

After opening some packs, Trump not surprisingly started going in the C’Thun Druid direction:
Druid F2P 1.1

F2P Druid 1.2

After opening a couple of Mark of Y’Shaarj, Trump decided to take the deck in the direction of a Beast deck:
Druid F2P 1.2

F2P Druid 1.3

Druid F2P 1.3

F2P Pirate Warrior 1.0

Trump is also entertaining the possibility of bringing Pirate Warrior to legend via F2P. Right now, he doesn’t have the cards for the final face form of the deck, so currently what he is starting out with is more of a control pirate warrior deck:
F2P Warrior 1.0

F2P Pirate Warrior 1.1

After leveling up, Trump immediately added Cleave to the deck:
F2P Warrior 1.1

The end of the first day of F2P – July 2

After a great struggle to complete the “win 7 games in Standard mode” quest, Trump finally earned another 5 packs. They didn’t include anymore C’Thun synergy cards, so at this point, at the end of the first day of his F2P, it looks like Trump has decided upon the Pirate Warrior direction.

F2P Pirate 1.2

After dusting a bunch of cards that he never plans on using, Trump updated the deck:
F2P Pirate Warrior 1.2

F2P Pirate 1.3

After leveling up, Trump replaced both copies of Cleave with Kor’kron Elites
F2P Warrior 1.3

F2P Pirate 1.4

Upon reaching Level 10 and unlocking Arcanite Reaper, Trump decided to craft a couple of Upgrades to add to the deck as well.
F2P Warrior 1.4

F2P Pirate 1.5

F2P Pirate Warrior 1.5

July 5: To make this deck more standard-worthy, replace Execute or Blood to Ichor with Sir Finley Mrrglton. Trump thinks that’s the only change he would make.

Update July 26:
After taking an extended break, Trump returned to the F2p, but ran into some initial resistance. Thinking that the deck needed a massive overhaul due to a shift in the meta, he decided to put in some dragon synergy cards: 2 Alexstrasza’s Champions, 2 Faerie Dragons and 2 Azure Drakes:

F2P Pirate 1.6

F2P Pirate 1.6

The Pivot to Hunter

July 28:

After running into a lot of Warrior on the ladder, Trump began to rethink the viability of the Pirate / Dragon Warrior deck. So, after much soul-searching, he dusted all non-essential cards and earned some more gold for packs from playing vs the expert AI to allow him to build a midrange Hunter deck.

The intial version of the deck doesn’t have Kill Commands, since they are earned at Level 10.

F2P Hunter 1.0

F2P Hunter

In this version, Trump replaced a Wolfrider with a Deadly Shot. Other cards he considered included a second King’s Elekk, Unleash the Hounds and Argent Horserider.

F2P Hunter 1.1

F2P Hunter 1.1

F2P Hunter 1.2

After reaching Level 10, Trump replaced a Wolfrider and an Azure Drake with the Kill Commands.

At the same time he decided to replace a Bloodfen Raptor for a King’s Elekk and Argent Horserider for Disciple of C’Thun.

Note: Ignore the 1.3 title
F2P Hunter 1.2

F2P Hunter 1.3

Trump added 2 Bows and Freezing Traps and removed the early 1 drops to make the deck more midrange:

F2P Hunter 1.3

Update July 31:
Trump decided to give up after reaching a peak of Rank 1. He remained confident that he would have reached Legend if he had one more day to play. The final version of the Hunter deck finished with a record of 63-50.