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Tempo Block link to this deck

Added on April 17, 2017

An agressive Mage decklist similar to Tom's tempo Mage. This list was based off another one using Hemet to remove the low cost cards leaving mostly direct damages spells until Trump takes inspiration from Tom's list. For the 1.1 version Trump goes back to the original Hemet list.

Tempo Block mage Decklist

Tempo & elemental Mage 1.3 link to this deck

Added on April 7, 2017

The 1.3 version of the Tempo & elemental Mage list. Small changes from the 1.2 version, Trump removed the two Sorcerer's Apprentice for a second Acolyte of Pain and one Flamestrike.

Tempo & elemental Mage 1.3 mage Decklist

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