Trump Deck Teachings

In this series of videos, Trump takes a closer look at many of the popular decks being played today.

Zoo (Warlock)
Zoo is a deck with many independently strong low-mana minions and very few spells which relies on the Warlock’s hero power to overwhelm its opponents. The term “zoo” is borrowed from Magic: The Gathering, where Zoo decks rely on undercosted, self-buffing creatures which together form an efficient team to maintain board advantage. In Hearthstone, Zoo is a great deck for beginners, because not only is it cheap and powerful, but also teaches important concepts such as board control, minion trading and placement.

Midrange Druid
The Midrange Druid is the most common deck of its class. In typical Druid fashion, the deck manipulates your available mana via Innervate and Wild Growth, plays efficient minions and finishes opponents off with the Savage Roar and Force of Nature combo.

Tempo Mage
The Tempo Mage relies on cheap spells and synergistic minions in the early game to overwhelm opponents and wraps up the game in the midgame with Archmage Antonidas, Dr. Boom and high damage spells.

Mech Shaman
The Mech Shaman — as the name suggests — relies on mech synergy to deal high amounts of damage very early on. In later phases of the game it aims to finish opponents off with burst spells like Crackle and Lava Burst.

Midrange Paladin
The Midrange Paladin is a seemingly tame deck but with its overall very efficient Minions and midgame combos like Muster for Battle into Quarter Master games can be won by pure value alone.

Control Priest
Control Priest is a perfect fit for the class due to the nature of the Hero Power. The deck packs many devastating combos and efficient minions but is held back by inconsistent draws.

Midrange Hunter
Midrange hunter is a less aggressive variant of Hunter that even tries to board control at times. It still packs quite a punch with powerhouses like Savannah Highmane in the midgame though so look out for your health.

Oil Rogue
Oil Rogue is a combo deck that survives the early game by efficiently removing threats with cheap spells and combo minions. In later phases of the game it can deal tons of damage with just a single minion on the board via equipped daggers and the namesake card: Tinkers Sharpsword Oil.

Patron Warrior
Patron Warrior is regarded as one of the strongest decks but also as one of the most difficult ones to play. It survives the early game with cheap minions and Fiery Win Axes while drawing lots of cards to get its combo pieces. Usually at turn 8, it has devastating combos at its disposal with charging Frothing Berserkers or Grim Patrons.

Freeze Mage
One of the oldest combo decks, the game plan of Freeze Mage is to stall out the early game with freeze spells and board clears, to finish of opponents in the late game with Alexstrasza, Archmage Antonidas and direct damage spells.

Handlock (Warlock)
Handlock takes advantage of the Warlock’s hero power to draw many cards early on to enable powerful minions such as Mountain Giant and Twilight Drake. It also is capable of huge swing turns using Molten Giants and taunt givers.

Control Warrior
Control Warrior survives the early game with efficient removal and armor gain to play very threatening minions on later turns.

Face Hunter
Probably the most aggro of aggro decks, Face Hunter combines many cheap minions, chargers and direct damage spells with the Hunter hero power to rush down the enemy as fast as possible.

Malygos (Warlock)

Ramp Druid