Free to Play Priest

Free to Play Priest, Part 2

This page documents the journey of Trump’s Free to Play Priest deck during the month of November. For the entire background on Trump’s Free to Play Priest run, which began in September, see Free to Play Priest, Part 1.

To read Trump’s Q&A about the “final” version of the deck that made it to Legend, see this page.

The Evolution Continues, as Circle Priest Becomes Dragon Priest
After spending the month of October concentrating on arena, Trump was able to accumulate enough gold to focus on getting more of Blackrock Mountain. He then began the transformation of the deck by completing the next wing of BRM and disenchanting his golden cards and “bad” legendaries. That gave him the necessary dust to craft a number of new dragon cards to convert the deck to the following version of Dragon Priest.

(Note: The Flame Juggler is a placeholder until he gets enough gold/dust for Blackwing Corruptors.)

Added November 12, 2015
F2P Priest 2.2

Having run into more slow decks on the ladder, Trump decided to add more late game to the deck. So he did the next wing of BRM to get Chromaggus, subbing out Flame Juggler.

Added November 16, 2015
F2P 2.3

After getting enough gold for the last wing of BRM, Trump finally added the much anticipated Blackwing Corruptors, subbing out Chromaggus and 1 Blackwing Technician. It’s worth noting, however, that if he had access to Dark Cultists, he would use them instead and replace the other Blackwing Technician and a Piloted Shredder.

Added November 23, 2015
F2P 2.4

In one final(?) change, Trump swapped out a Piloted Shredder for a Dragonkin Sorcerer.

Added November 23, 2015
F2P 2.5

Update November 24, 2015: Trump reached Legend!
F2P Priest to Legend

Some final stats on Trump’s F2p account upon reaching Legend

Play Mode wins (includes Brawls): 245
Ranked Priest wins: 226
Arena wins: 313

Read Trump’s Q&A about this Free to Play Priest deck