Free to Play Priest – Selected Q&A

F2P 2.5

Some selected Q&A from Trump’s Free to Play Priest run post-mortem:

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What were your card priorities from start to finish?
This began as a good old traditional Circle/Auchenai/Injured Blademaster deck since that didn’t require the Adventures. But the problem with that deck was that there were no active plays. You couldn’t play any card on turn 1 like Twilight Whelp which would be individually strong. You couldn’t play any card on turn 2 like Wyrmrest Agent. It relied a lot on combos and Trump felt it was inconsistent.

The card priorities are just get the good strong basic cards first such as Piloted Shredder and go from there. Trump got the essential cards for the plan first, like Injured Blademaster, Auchenai Soulpriest and Circle of Healing.

Would you add Vol’jin to this deck if you had access to it?
If the meta were control deck heavy, Trump would absolutely add him. Vol’jin is really good removal for big minions but near the end of this run Trump was facing a lot of aggro.

Would you add Zombie Chow to this deck if you had access to it?
Trump actually would have since at the end there was a lot of aggro, which was a bit surprising because the release of the League of Explorers actually slowed down the meta a lot since people were experimenting with Reno Jackson decks. And it really sucks to play an aggro deck [and see your opponent] go from 1 to 30.

Sylvanas? A great card vs control or midrange

Chillmaw? Kind of a good card vs midrange? Patron? Really not sure about Chillmaw.

Dr. Boom & Nefarian?
Never seriously considered them because they are cards that die to BGH and a lot of people are playing BGH, Trump thinks. Especially if you’re facing off against a lot of Reno Jackson decks. BGH tends to be a 1-of in almost all of the Reno Jackson decks.

Brann Bronzebeard? It’s worth trying out, there are a lot of battlecries in this deck but they’re all very minor so it remains to be seen whether Brann Bronzebeard is any good. Trump does realize that this deck doesn’t have very many 3 drops in it.

Dark Cultist is one of the cards Trump would definitely put in over Blackwing Technician. Trump may or may not put 2 copies in it. If Trump were to put in the second copy of Dark Cultist in, he’s really not sure what he would remove. It would really depend on the meta. Could be a Shadow Word: Death if there’s a lot of aggro. Could be Dragonkin Sorcerer which didn’t do that well.